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Bag Nation Backpack Diaper Bag



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For The On-The-Go Parent (Or Sitter) Who Wants A Reliable Handsfree Diaper Bag Backpack

Handsfree is the way to be!

Wouldn't it be great if you could organize ALL your baby care accessories in just one diaper bag - while keeping BOTH of your hands free... while not having to worry about the bag falling apart?

We think so, too. :)

Unfortunately, most baby diaper bags don't consider your needs as a parent. They don't include enough pockets for you to organize your creams, wipes, and toys. They use an annoying shoulder strap that damper your productivity. And, they begin falling apart, coming unfrayed, and breaking within just the first several weeks of use!

Here's how we're solving this problem for you.

Introducing: The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack by Cub & Bear!

Our backpack diaper bag comes with FOURTEEN multi-sized pockets, so you will never run out of room. There is also an insulated pocket that's big enough for holding multiple bottles and a dedicated pocket for baby wipes.

Because our diaper bag can be worn like a backpack, you'll have both of your hands free while carrying it. Or, you can use our adjustable straps to strap it to your stroller.

No compromises were made in the quality department. Our backpack is water resistant, lightweight and the stitching doesn't fray. Our zippers won't break. And, the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack doesn't lose strength when it's packed full of items.

In addition to these benefits, we're also giving you a...

Free Changing Mat and Sundry Bag!

With these included freebies (valued at $20), you'll have everything you need with your diaper backpack purchase.

A bag from Bag Nation is a backpack for life.

Our Outstanding Features

  • Everything has its place - 14 pockets for total organization
  • Hangs neatly on your stroller for on-the-go convenience
  • Lightweight, durable and water resistant fabric
  • Ergonomically padded shoulder straps for the ultimate comfort
  • Includes large changing pad
  • Insulated bottle pocket
  • Dedicated wipes pocket for those "emergency moments"
  • Extendable Keychain
  • Perfect for Mom and Dad - Your husband won’t be embarrassed while on daddy duty!
  • Non toxic - BPA and phosphate free
  • American Company - Support local jobs and get outstanding after sales support!

Perfect comfort

Unlike a regular tote diaper bag that hurts your shoulders when full, our backpack is designed with you and baby in mind, the padded straps lighten the load. Equipped with a padded back panel with breathable mesh and padded and ergonomically curved straps you get the ultimate comfort when carrying all your baby essentials.

Leaving your hands free so you can focus on what matters most.

Don't miss out this great diaper backpack!

The perfect baby shower gift idea!

Customer Reviews

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This diaper bag is my perfect bag! Everything i need for a family of 4 fits inside perfectly for a day out. And lifetime warranty! Just woow! Their customer service is superb.


This diaper bag has literally been the best purchase I have made ever since I had my two babies; a three year old and a one year old! I can fit everything I need for both children. There’s so many pockets and zippers that makes it so easy to make sure you have everything for your babies when going out of the house. This has literally become my purse as well. I highly recommend this product, I wouldn’t get any other diaper bag :)


The material is not as nice as the one in the gray color BUT I must say I like it better because the zipper goes all the way down and that's a feature the gray model didn't have and I always found it annoying. Also the changing pad is waterproof, the one in the gray one is not. And for last and more important, they honor a lifetime warranty!!!! I got a new replacement for the one I had and got broken at 11mo after I got it. So I ll most definitely recommend this product. Very good business!!!! Thank you!!!!


For 2 kids, this is the PERFECT diaper bag! :)
This backpack is pretty much a necessity when you have 2 little kiddies like we do! It is the best also with a newborn and toddler because it can fit so much! As you can see from the photos it holds enough diapers, the changing pad, an extra change of clothes for both kiddos, medicine bag (I use the bag that comes with the backpack) a homemade first aid kit, burp cloths, a sippy cup and the changing pad that came with it! And that's only in the main pocket! We like to use the outer pockets for easy access snacks, pacifiers, Wet Wipes, the AWESOME easy access wipe holder, trash bags for poopy diapers & soiled clothes and aquaphor for diaper rash! I always wanted to stick with the fashionable off the shoulder backpack with my hands full with the 2 kids the backpack aspect of it is such a nice touch and it is SO durable! We won't be going back to a regular diaper bag! Thank you so much Bag Nation for such an awesome bag. And did I mention it has a lifetime warranty? They were so nice to send us a new bag after ours started to rip from some wear and tear. This company really takes care of their customers! Thanks again Bag Nation! You have a lifetime customer in us :)


Love this bag! Havemt had it long but it's got so many pockets to stash goodies in and I think it'll be perfect for our upcoming trip.


I can't say enough good things about this backpack. My kid is 3 now and I would have given anything to know this type diaper bag (backpack) existed. I had a regular shoulder bag, but my lifestyle is active and practical, so that was not a good mix. First, let me tell you, it is big. This is for moms that are looking for comfort and functionality in one item.

This is why I absolutely love this backpack:

1. Type of bag: the backpack style of this bag is wonderful, letting you have your hands free all the time while wearing it. With other bags, of course you have free hands, but as soon as you bend over or let your shoulders go down the bag just falls off and it is awful.

2. Comfort: the way this backpack is made and straps are placed is super comfortable when you are using it. This means that you can use it for long periods of time without any discomfort.

3. Mesh fabric: the back of the backpack and the straps have mesh fabric, helping you in warm weather to keep your back cooler

4. Space: this bag has a great storage capacity. IT can hold a LOT of stuff. You will have space to accommodate EVERYTHING you need for your kid. There is even space for parents things like keys, phones, wallet.

5. Pockets: this backpack has 12 pockets in different sizes and areas (including an insulated pocket, wipes pocket with window for easy access without having to take them out and pockets inside the main compartment.

6. Extra features: this backpack comes with stroller straps with buckles to hang the backpack to any stroller if you do not want to carry it.

7. Quality: this is a polyester bag, and it is really strong. The zippers run smooth and don't feel cheap. It is truly a high quality product.

8. Extras: for my surprise, when I got the backpack and opened it I found that it also comes with a high quality changing pad and a sundry bag!

I do not have any complaints about the backpack or even the seller..High quality product from a wonderful company that always look for their customers to be satisfied with their product.

Like I mentioned, my kid is three (almost 4) but I really (REALLY) wanted to keep the backpack for us. My husband convinced me that it would make an amazing gift for a soon to be mommy family member that we have (and that they we re going to use it more than us lol) so I am sad to see it go, but I am definitely going to purchase this exact bag for when baby #2 comes to this family!



The backpack is great. It fits everything I need to carry And is also very resistant.


One of the best purchases I’ve done. I order this for an international flight and it was such a lifesaver. Easy carry on and puf under your seat on a flight, all the pockets are so useful it’s size it’s perfect. Good quality great price.
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Breast pump friendly! Nestles Spectra S1/S2 prefectly!

f you're a breastfeeding mom who also pumps, and especially who pumps at work, you know what a royal pain it is to find a good, padded bag for that rather expensive breast pump that you have to lug around. I am a nurse on 12 hour shifts, and getting my pump in and out of a flimsy messenger type bag so often each shift was really starting to worry me. The way this backpack opens at the back is unique and just perfect for the Spectra. Finding *any* bag for this pump has been very difficult, so I was so excited when this backpack turned out to hold it so well. I've got my pump, bottles, flanges, tubing, extra supplies, snacks, etc all neatly packed into this bag with room to spare, and without it feeling too bulky. There just aren't a lot of bags out there for this pump, certainly not ones so well made or padded. Pumping moms using a Spectra, this is what you want!!!

My one and only complaint is I wish there had been more colors to choose from. But the bag is so well made, so perfect for my pump, and so user friendly anyway, it's very very minor. I'd rather have the high quality bag protecting my pump than a silly color option.


SOOO happy I went with this one, it is absolutely perfect! Everything has its place, but not too many pockets that it's overwhelming. There's so much space inside without being a big bulky looking bag, yayyyyy! My wallet, plenty of diapers, changing pad, 10inch ipad, lots of on the go coloring/magnet/sticker books, and still a crazy amount of space left for a change of clothes, his blankey, snacks, his sippy cup and bento-lunch box. The changing pad is nice and thick yet compact (how does bag nation accomplish this big but compact thing?! Lol) folds up nicely with Velcro closure, great size too. My son (average size) would have fully fit on it perfectly for quite some time, now at 2 1/2 it'll just be big enough to go under his bum and up to his shoulders-and that's all that matters, right? :) the straps are comfortable.. the whole set feels and looks like really great quality, I hope it holds up as well as I think it will! LOVE IT!

My 12oz lifefactory glass water bottle, in a thick sleeve, fits perfect in the insulated pocket. Honest Co wipes (brand new full pack) fits perfect in the wipes pocket. The two tall skinnier side pockets are perfect for easy diaper access on one side, and a few random on the go toys on the other. Lower front zipper is perfect for throat drops, lip gloss, chapstick, hair ties/clips, or a good change pocket. Middle zipper has his headband headphones. Top zipper is the owie pocket, boo boo ointment and bandaids will go in there. Velcro pocket is huge, perfect for a big tub of baby booty cream, sunscreen, pads for mommy, and still tons of room. I mean, really... super stoked I found this bag.