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Very well made with lots of storage. Very handy.

Love it. Very well made and comfortable. Love the stroller straps and wipes pocket. I can fit a package of 80 wipes in it! Lots of space inside. The only thing I would change in instead of a small and medium pocket on the very front of the bag, I would rather have one large one. This bag definitely has way more storage space than my last diaper bag and I really needed that since we do a lot of day and weekend trips.

Cute and big

I just purchase the bag and it looks great. Everything is clean and sowen correctly in my view. The bag looks like it has lots of space and lots of pockets. Havent used it yet but when I do I will update more.

Pockets for days!

So many pockets! Excellent product! Great for 2 kids!

This diaper bag is my perfect bag! Everything i need for a family of 4 fits inside perfectly for a day out. And lifetime warranty! Just woow! Their customer service is superb.

So Far So Good

So far so good will update review in the coming month. Plenty of pockets and it’s light weight. I can see how some zippers may get stuck but I think it just needs to stretch out and get some shape to it. I think this is overkill for one child but if you’re trying to double up (or more) this will be the perfect tool. Get it try it forever. It has a lifetime warranty. Can’t beat that.

Bag Nation Backpack Diaper Bag
Bag Nation Customer
So much space !

Using this as my hospital bag and I was able to fit my clothes, essentials and all of my baby stuff ! Love it! So many pockets and space

This is our 2nd!

My husband and I LOVE Bag Nations diaper bags. So much, that we are on our 2nd. We got a 2nd one not because there is anything wrong with the first, but because we wanted the other color for our daughter. Our original is the black and now we have the grey. And, I just love them both. There are SOOOO many pockets and SO much room. The water resistant is awesome and makes it so easy to clean. When we had (a very small) issue with our first, their customer support team were absolutely amazing and such a delight to work with. My favorite feature on the bags is the wipes holder pocket. (Yes REALLY!!) Every other bag we have bought has such a small pocket and nothing really holding the wipes in, and where the wipes are dispensed, is usually a tiny slit which doesn't make sense for the wipes we use. We like the pop top ones and the pockets on these bags are perfect for them! They fit inside perfectly and it zips all the way around to keep them secure and there is wide opening for the pop top. If you're looking for the perfect bag with all the pockets and options and the perfect wipe dispenser pocket, stop here.

Best durability and carrying capacity I've seen yet in any diaper bag!

First, I'll admit, I was hesitant to spend the money on this. Boy, am I so glad that I did! This is the first diaper bag (both backpack style and traditional) that I can put literally everything that I need for my son (and even for myself) in without the straps ripping or breaking!!! Durability and size are the biggest things that I need in a diaper bag and this delivers both!!! Padded straps, plenty of pockets for bottles, sippy cups, bibs, snacks, wipes, etc. Plus, I love having peace of mind knowing that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Ive tried other bags on Bag Nation just to have them them rip and sent back shortly after buying. This bag was definitely money well spent and I would recommend this product to anyone!

Fantastic Diaper Bag

Right off the bat you can tell this bag is just made better than most. It has a very sturdy feel with quality fabric and sturdy zippers. The pockets are many and deep, easily able to fit everything we need and more for our toddler. The changing pad included is nice and large, easy to clean, and feels quality. Love love loooove the key hook, no more missing keys! I cant stop talking about how great this bag is!

Great backpack

We are first time parents and we love the backpack it makes us more of organized for our journeys with our daughter!!!

An actual quality diaper backpack

So much storage! QUALITY material and seams and zippers. I accidentally splashed some of my latte on it and before I went to wash it off it dried up and disappeared - no stains or anything! I love this backpack SO much!

Great diaperbag and great price

We love our diaper bag. We are due at the end of July so we dont have a lot of experience with it yet but I loved the amount of pockets it has and it is great material.

Love love love after 3 years!

We have had his diaper bag almost 3 years and it has held up through 2 kids! We recommend this to everyone!Pros:-Multiples pockets inside the bag and a zipper pocket at the top inside to hold anything! (We used it for pacifiers)-insulated side pocket for drink cup-lots of outside of the bag storage for easy access-awesome front little pocket where we put an EpiPen for easy access!-straps to attach to a stroller handleCons:I've had this for 3 years and I can't find anything I don't like about it! I fit everything I need and I have pockets for everything!Love love love this!

Bag Nation seriously rocks

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is one of the best backpacks you will ever own. It has withstood everything from being thrown in the back of the car, to walks, to being thrown underneath the stroller, to wearing it. It has been a favorite of mine and i won't need anything else with me wherever i go with my baby because everything is easily accessible( the wipes and bottle storage with built-in insulation). It's excellent. The black is chic and it goes with all your outfits really well. Makes you look like a boss mom. One thing i'd recommend is to have a wider range of colors like teal or orange for dads on-the-go! Would be super cool if you could incorporate studs on the bottom of the backpack so it never has to touch the ground. All-around cool back pack and PLENTY of storage. Sometimes things get lost in it but that's ok. luckily it's not a marry poppins a bag! Love the blue on the inside! Super cute!

This diaper bag has literally been the best purchase I have made ever since I had my two babies; a three year old and a one year old! I can fit everything I need for both children. There’s so many pockets and zippers that makes it so easy to make sure you have everything for your babies when going out of the house. This has literally become my purse as well. I highly recommend this product, I wouldn’t get any other diaper bag :)

Very impressive design

If you are a mother who wants her hands to be free while going out with the baby then this product is a blessing for you. It is very well designed product with lots of pockets and space to cary every essential produc of baby's need.

I just love it

I love the bag it has a lot of room for the baby stuff. Cant wait to use this for my baby

This bag fit all of my "must haves"

I have been very happy with this product. As a first time mom, I spent hours researching diaper bags because I knew I would be out and about a lot. I wanted to find one that was practical, affordable, and also cute and this fit the bill. I actually purchased and returned two bags from other stores and realized my "must haves" because those bags did not have everything I needed for convenience and ease of use.Below I have listed the 10 reasons I purchased this particular bag:1. It has stroller straps. This is awesome for taking walks at the park, going to the grocery, or for day care drop off.2. It came with a sturdy changing pad. Some bags had very cheap changing pads and you would need to buy another, adding to the cost of the overall total for the bag.3. It has an insulated pocket for bottles.4. All of the pockets on the outside. This is VERY important and I didn't know it would be. As a mom on the run, you want to be able to quickly grab your chap stick, a pacifier, hand sanitizer, your wallet, etc. Because of the outside pockets, this bag allows you to do that.5. Separate pocket for wipes- This also has been a HUGE help and makes changing out in public MUCH easier. I wouldn't get a bag without this feature now that I have had it. Think about it: When you change in public you are already tight on space. Not having to find the wipes and then take up space on a tiny changing table when you already have the backpack with you is so nice.6. The main compartment opens all of the way. This allows for easy access to finding things in your bag that are at the bottom of the main compartment without having to take everything out.7. Padded back- great if you are hiking or taking a long walk. Note in the photograph. there is not extra padding on the straps, just on the back of the actual bag.8. Two side compartments where I can put diapers, food, or even my own water bottle (see picture for reference).9. Lifetime warranty- I hope to use this bag for a long time and this feature was very appealing in case something tears.10. After asking my husband his favorite feature of the bag, he said, "it doesn't look overly feminine" -as well as the straps, the cooler, the wipe access, and the partable changing pad that is included. He used it last night to change her in public and all of those things came in handy.This bag has been a great purchase. The only things on my "wish list" for this bag if the company ever adds to the design would be:1. I do wish they had more color options, as I would have liked a feminine color since I have a little girl, but the gray will serve us well for our next baby, no matter the gender (and obviously, the gray is a selling point for my husband).2. Padding on the actual straps- this will only be helpful though, if you plan to hike a lot with the back pack and aren't going to strap it to your stroller.3. Some rubber "bumpers" on the bottom for when you set the bag on the ground- just so the bottom doesn't get scuffed up.*Note: this bag will be great even when we don't need a diaper bag for hiking trips or traveling. I am hopeful it will last us many years.

Awesome diaper bag bookbag

I recieved this AMAZING diaper bag backpack today and LOVE it. It has tons of pockets and it's very roomy. I can't wait to really put it to good use. It's durable and there is a lifetime warranty for it as well. I'm super impressed with this bag.

A diaper bag full of pockets.

The bag has a lot of compartment, which makes it very versatile. I’m a big guy so I wish they made the straps longer.

Great diaper bag; highly recommend!

One of my good friends from high school recommended this diaper bag after my son was born. It’s easy to carry and EXTREMELY roomy. I particularly like the wipes pouch on the outside. My only complaint is that there are so many pockets; sometimes I forget where I put items!

Great quality!

I love this backpack so much. I have two toddlers and it has withstand the busy lifestyle I have and it fits everything I need perfectly. I like the look of it bc it’s black and sleek. High quality diaper bag!

You can't go wrong with this diaper backpack!

Just got the bag in and we are so happy with it! We chose this over the Eddie Bauer bag from Target due to poor reviews stating that the ither bag tore alot and didnt have enough room. This bag is heavy duty and matches our Chicco stroller. Pockets are great and convenient for organizing everything we will need!

Great Diaper Bag

I’ve been looking for a new diaper bag for a while and this one checks all the boxes-multiple pockets for organization-a large compartment for bigger items-zippers all around (my other diaper bag had a flimsy draw string and flap. It would tip over in the car and things would fall out and the baby always got into it)-the wipes pouch actually fits a full pack of baby wipes and you can get wipes out easily without having to remove the package from the bagIt feels like a good quality backpack and has more than enough room. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I have no complaints. It’s sturdy and I’ve had no problems with it. I also found a coupon code online and got 50% off so it was definitely worth the money!

The material is not as nice as the one in the gray color BUT I must say I like it better because the zipper goes all the way down and that's a feature the gray model didn't have and I always found it annoying. Also the changing pad is waterproof, the one in the gray one is not. And for last and more important, they honor a lifetime warranty!!!! I got a new replacement for the one I had and got broken at 11mo after I got it. So I ll most definitely recommend this product. Very good business!!!! Thank you!!!!